State of Guns: Man Caught Stealing Handgun from Car

By   December 29, 2015

Openening window and stealing money and valuable property

In recent news in Cleveland on gun violence a theft happened on December 5th of 2015. On Hillcrest Road at 3:30am a man was accused of stealing a handgun out of a woman’s car in the middle of the night. The woman’s boyfriend saw the incident happen and followed the man as he got into his green van. He followed it for a while, meanwhile he informed the police as he was on his tail. The officer on the scene stopped the man on Euclid Avenue by East 55th Street. When the suspect was apprehended he did in fact find the gun inside the van. There is a lot of gun violence in the city of Cleveland with people taking notice and wanting to change the laws to curb the violence.

Gun Violence

There have been some new tools throughout the world that aid with showing where gun violence is. The map pinpoints gun violence throughout the country between 2014 and 2015 of December. The group who created this has drawn from 1,200 different sources from news reports and police reports. The only gun violence listed on there is instances where someone has been injured or died. The makers state that “What you’re seeing, then, is gun violence in all its other forms: homicides, attempted murders, assaults, self-defense shootings, and accidents.”

As of September 2015 in Cleveland, around 13 people were shot and killed at the end of the month. Many of these homicides still are under investigation. The year has seen a large influx of homicides as they totaled at around 97 homicides in that month. Making this year one of the deadliest in the past ten years.

Residents and people in the United States are taking notice and are not standing for this mass amount of gun violence.

Recent Protests

In Cleveland there are many gun control activists who are taking to the streets. This past Saturday a large amount of activists and protesters wanted to voice their opinions on their opposition to current Ohio gun laws. These were mostly concerned citizens who do not represent any sort of organization. They held signs that wanted to demand changes like background checks and even complete bans on open and concealed carry of guns throughout not only Cleveland but also all of Ohio.

A string of these protests were also prompted because a few weeks ago when a man named Daniel Kovacevic was walking by the University of Akron with a rifle strapped to his back. Ohio law permits carrying concealed weapons with a license but allows citizens to walk around openly with no license. This got people angry, as it was a display that some considered unnecessary.  In the wake of the protests was pro-gun advocates who showed their solidarity against anti gun laws or any sort of change.


The counter-activists spoke about how they were in favor for open and concealed carry laws. These activists said that the second amendment wasn’t just confined to the old and obsolete guns used during the American Revolution, but for all guns issued in America. They also stated that these criminals should seek alternative ways of obtaining the cash they need instead of breaking into cars they should be applying for emergency loans in Ohio.

Though there logic was questioned, because even though the Second Amendment doesn’t specify to any individual type of gun, the writers of this law could not have fathomed the immense power guns of the future would hold.